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Posted on May 17, 2020


Ummmmm YES! I often get asked whether an online portfolio website is needed or if an Insta profile, PDF portfolio or pages of work enough. The answer is simply, YES. What negatives would having an online portfolio have? Zero. Yes, this is extra work for you — but we all know to put time into your personal brand and creative profile is only going to put you in the best POSSIBLE position for employment. Also, I find this process so fun and instantly self-gratifying...

So let's do it, Honey!

  1. Another touchpoint for an employer to FIND you and SEE your work
  2. Gives you that professional edge
  3. An online portfolio website will give you space to show a project from start to finish. Include moodboards, imagery and text which explains the brief, project and outcome
  4. Another point of contact
  5. Increases your online presence and visibility. Let's say you meet someone at an event, they lose your business card — they can Google you and alongside your socials, your website with your beautiful work will show up
  6. It evolves with you timelessly! Once you find the website builder that suits you best, you can continuously add work to it, change the design of the site and adapt your personal branding. Let's say you go freelance, you can add your price list or day rate to it. Also having this in place before you go Freelance or Self Employed is a godsend! Because as you know, having a website is an absolute must when Self-Employed
  7. Another place to house your CV
  8. Adding your website to the Bio in your professional Insta profile is such a great, professional touch. It will give the employer a chance to get to see who you really are as a creative professional. You can also add it to your LinkedIn profile, business cards ... 

To conclude, can you tell me one negative about having an online portfolio website? NOPE. So, what do you have to lose? Also, please share your site in the FYI Forum if you fancy! I would love to see it.

Got a question or wanna know more about this Honey? Drop it in the FB Group! We will be waiting for you!