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Posted on May 02, 2020


Okay, so things have been pretty mental recently and it's hard to avoid the air of nation-wide anxiety BUT I am here to help you remain positive and find opportunities post COVID with one really simple method — REACH OUT TO BRANDS YOU WANT TO WORK FOR. 

Brands and people are more reachable now than ever, so it's time to TARGET THEM. Time to pounce, Honey! Don't wait for a position to be listed online — make yourself known. Show up! You don't know what reaching out may lead to — they may need you for a couple of hours to help with some digital admin or they may have just the position for you. But the point is there will be ALOT of companies that need assistance with the digital aspects of their business — and you are the perfect target market to assist. You are digitally native, you are creative, and you are forward-thinking. As the old saying goes - if you don't ask you don't get.

Here is how to reach out to brands:


Make your 'brand hitlist' which will consist of 5-10 brands you would REALLY love to work for — then reach out to them via email.

TOP TIP: Reaching out on Linkedin and Insta can create leads, but always start with email as it's the most professional.

Composing emails for the brands that you genuinely love should come easy because it comes from a genuine place. Remember guys: you can't slip up if you are leading with genuine. Feel the love and tell them.

Open the email with something personal and then talk about what you can do for them. Start the email with something like:

"Hello X,

I love [brand] and everything you do [why?]. I'm not sure if you are currently hiring, but I would LOVE to be considered for a social media internship or any other relevant work experience. If anything comes up please let me know! I am available now."

Then start your 'Cover Letter' in the body of the email — keep it super brief because this email is just a quick intro! Talk about exactly why you love the brand, your relevant experience, and why you are a good candidate for them. Check out the FYI Seven Section Cover Letter Formula here which will help you with structure.

Then, add a link to your portfolio or attach a RELEVANT piece of work. Just show them who you are as a creative and why you align with them. Even if it's just one piece of work, make sure it's relevant for them.



Make it known what your area of specialism is and where your skills lie. If you feel comfortable, you could let them know you would be happy to take on any other relevant work experience. 



Tell them what YOU can do for them and not what THEY could do for you. For example 'I really need this role because my last internship got cancelled'. Everyone understands the extremities of the current situation, but leave that behind when you are reaching out to brands. Make it solely focused on what you can bring to the table and be strictly professional.


Competition for potential roles will be high so your CV needs to be too super clear and appealing to the brand you are reaching out to. As you may be a 'stranger' to the person you are reaching out to, they need to know your information and skills quickly and clearly.

  1. Keep to one page
  2. Know your audience
    Ensure you do research on the brand to ensure your CV reflects the role you are looking for. For example: if you are looking for a Graphic Design role, ensure your skills reflect this area of specialism
  3. Make your CV pop
    Use key industry words and terminology to really impress the reader. Do this by finding existing job descriptions online which match the role you are seeking. For example, if you want a Social Media internship, go read job descriptions from Social Media internships online for inspo!



It doesn't have to be a whole portfolio — it could just be one piece that shows them who you are as a creative. Something that aligns with the brand/role and what they would be impressed by. For example, if you were seeking a Fashion Journalism role you could attach a mockup of a magazine using an article you've written.



How can you get the persons attention within an email? Have a think about a little something extra you could add ...

TOP TIP: You could create an "About Me" video that you attach to really show them what you are about. I have spoken about it here if you need some inspo.



Utilise the fact that people are at home! You could add to the end of your first email 'I would love to speak with you, so if you have any further questions or just fancy a chat about the above — let's Zoom!'.

Alternatively, if they do get back to you after your first email tell them you would love to meet and have an explorative interview via Zoom.

The world is your oyster, Honey, let's seize and create the opportunities!


Got a question or wanna know more about this Honey? Drop it in the FB Group! We will be waiting for you!