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Posted on May 05, 2020


Okay, I am seriously excited to show you this !!! In the episode, I catch up with ultimate fashion business babe, Megan Crosby. Fashion Design Graduate and founder of fashion brand By Megan Crosby. Megan creates colourful, made-to-order clothing for women who care about the planet. 

It wasn't the perfect route for Megan after graduation, but it all led to her to create her own fashion brand, which is growing dramatically by the day. Megan's style is so distinct, her values are simple and her story is insanely inspirational. Let's go!



  • You are worried about what life after graduation looks like and you need some reassurance
  • You are interested in starting your own fashion brand
  • You want to know how to start a successful fashion brand  
  • You want to understand how to successfully take the route into sustainability



  • How to go it alone after Uni
  • Megan's "unperfect" journey after Graduation and how it was the making of her
  • The effects of Graduate Fashion Week
  • How to deal with comparisons after graduation and 'competition'
  • Megan's interning experience and what she learnt 
  • How working at smaller brands was crucial
  • How Megan's fashion brand evolved organically
  • How spotting a gap in the market was the making of the brand
  • The steps Megan took to start her fashion business
  • The process of producing a garment, from DM to doorstep
  • How to you stay motivated whilst working from home
  • Advice for any students wanting to start their own fashion label
  • What the future holds for BY Megan Crosby.

Find Megan here: INSTA WEBSITE

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