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Posted on Mar 10, 2021

These days, the 9-5 isn’t the only way of working - especially if you’re looking for a way to earn extra £££ and make money moves while on the side of your studies!

More and more of us are being drawn to the flexible working style of self-employment and in recent years, have watched eager-eyed as graduates or even full-time students capitalise on their industrious nature and impressive skill set. 

Whether you’re looking to carve out a new career path for yourself, or you want to build your small business while at uni, we want you to have as much info as possible to support you on your journey!

This guide will help you make the most of your FYI Membership by putting your learnings into action! We’re collating EVERYTHING we have on self-employment PLUS giving you additional tips, tricks and tools so you can start actualising your Freelancer dreams!


STEP 1: Watch & learn!
Grab a cuppa and your notebook and watch these insightful talks from three self-made small business owners and freelancers. 

  1. Freelancing for Beginners with FYI Features Writer, Ellie
  2. Q+A with Poppy Almond: From Skinnydip Intern to Money-Making Social Superstar
  3. Jasmine's 5 Ways to Turn your Idea in to £££ + special guest 🤑 


PLUS check out this article from Freelance Writer, Sofia Lewis; 4 Steps for SUCCESSFULLY Going Freelance After Uni!

STEP 2: Discover the process 
Regardless of what type of work you will be doing, there’s a pretty standard process for defining your presence as a freelancer, sourcing clients and invoicing in a professional way. 

Typically, it goes like this… 

  1. Master your personal branding across all active platforms (inc. your website)
    Check out these helpful FYI Resources on Personal Branding! We especially love this vidicle on where to start with your professional PB! 

  2. Define your WHY and create your product or service (from selling T-shirts on Etsy to freelance Graphic Design) 
    Find out how Jasmine found her why in Jasmine's 5 Ways to Turn your Idea in to £££ + special guest!

  3. Promote yourself and what you can do
    This vidicle is the perfect place to start with understanding how to SHOW UP and SHOWCASE your skills, services and abilities!

  4. Onboard your new clients
    Sourcing clients can be a challenge when you’re starting out! Our FYI Tip from Features Writer, Ellie:

    'Start by figuring out your niche, who will your clients be? Where will they be? What do they need? Once you’ve nailed that you can start a targeted search for clients via social media or Google, then it’s all about reaching out, and offering your services to them in a way that makes you irresistible to them!'

  5. Manage your workflow
    Using intelligent organisation and workflow programmes like Trello and Notion can help you keep on top of your workload and manage your to-do list. Find out how we use Trello to stay organised & discover our other Geek Chic hacks!

  6. Invoice for your completed work!
    Not sure where to start with pricing your work or know how much to charge? Start here with FYI Quickie Q+A: 'How To Price your Work' with Steph!

STEP 3: Make your freelance life easier with these tools 



Adobe Creative Cloud - Good for: Creating high-quality visuals and improving sought-after Adobe skills 

Creative Market - Good for: Getting creative freebies! From fonts to digital graphics - either purchase form creators or get 6 freebies each week.

Over - Good for: Easily creating great content for social media with their creative templates.

Canva - Good for: Creating branded content, it’s accessible and easy to use. 

All Personal Branding FYI Resources live here.


Part 1: Build your website




Editor X

These programmes vary in user-friendliness, accessibility and price but all are great depending on what you need to build your website.

Not sure how to showcase your work? Check this out for your Portfolio 101!


Part 2: Manage your social growth 

Later - Good for: Planning and scheduling your Insta posts

Preview - Good for: Planning IG content and previewing how it will look on your grid

Buffer - Good for: Scheduling content across your social platforms 

LinkTree - Good for: Directing people from your IG to multiple links like your website, services, your shop or previous work 

All Self Promotion FYI Resources live here.



Hello Bonsai - Good for: Beginners! They create premade contracts and automate invoice reminders, so you never have to chase a client for payment. 

Dubsado - Good for: Crafting contracts and bookkeeping.

Flodesk - Good for: Sending aesthetic AF emails - great for your own email marketing!

Grammarly - Good for: Coming across as professional - no typos or badly formed sentences here!

Loom - Good for: Communicating with your clients in a more personalised way!

Helpful article on client onboarding and Dubsado automations: 



Trello - Good for: Keeping on top of your to-do list and managing multiple clients/ projects/

Notion Good for: Having a visually versatile representation of your tasks and projects.

Basecamp Good for: Organising everything in one place - great for teamwork too!

Forest  Good for: Staying focused and maintaining better concentration. 



LastPass Good for: Managing all the passwords to your various platforms.

Done Good for: Keeping track of daily goals!

Calendly Good for: Easily allowing your clients to book calls with you at convenient times.



Hello Bonsai Good for: Getting a simple overview of your invoices, templated client contracts and auto invoice reminders!

Dubsado Good for: Having a more advanced approach to your invoices, bookkeeping and client contracts.

Quickbooks Self-Employed Good for: Managing your finances and helping you when it comes to that all important Self-Assessment with HMRC!

Additional: We also discovered this great platform for Freelancers - check out UnderPinned!

We hope you found your first Action Steps Guide to making money on your own terms helpful, Honey! 
Remember, we’re always here if you need additional support - head to our Members Facebook Group to ask any Qs and stay up to date with the latest industry news.

Got a question or wanna know more about this Honey? Drop it in the FB Group! We will be waiting for you!