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Posted on Oct 05, 2020

If you don't have a personal brand yet, here is where to start. If you already have one in motion, I would highly recommend you go through the below steps! Your tutors at Uni were not wrong — the key to any good project is .... RESEARCH. RESEARCH. RESEARCH. And it's no different when it comes to a project about yourself. So are you ready to do some research about YOU? 


Personal branding needs to reflect your IDENTITY. What is the point in a personal brand if it only reflects what's trending at the moment or another cool brand someone else has created? It needs to be YOU, YOU, YOU.

Let's look at FYI for example... I love pink, fun design, modern technology and Adidas tracksuits (did you notice the FYI logo is black and white?!). I am playful, have a sense of humour (I hope), personable and love to help people — and I think my brand truly reflects that. FYI is more than a personal brand, it's a company, but my brand is still ME. You wanna know what brands are the most successful? The AUTHENTIC ones. Whether it's a personal brand or an established business or brand. People buy from people. People buy into people. If any employer or client can get a sense of you (and like what they see) they are going to want you!

For personal brand success:

  1. Be authentic
  2. Show your personality
  3. Be consistent 
  4. Define your purpose

Oprah once said this ...

"Align your personality with your purpose, and no one can touch you".

What is your purpose in life and in your career? Maybe it's to be the Editor of Vogue, Stylist to the stars, the next big Designer to disrupt the industry, or maybe it's to be a freelancer and to travel the world whilst doing so — whatever it is, think about that goal now and ensure your personal brand is always working towards that.

Define your purpose now and add your personality into everything you do. From your email signature to your Insta stories always include your branding. I promise you will be untouchable.


So let's get to it! Ready to find out who you are? You can collate this info however you would like but I would work through the below steps and round it up by creating a cheeky mood board.

  1. Ready for some prime YOU inspo? Like I did on Insta (check out above video) — go around your room, through your kitchen cupboards, in your memory box etc. and pull together things that you love. Why? In our homes, we surround ourselves with things we truly love and that really represent us! For example, this was mine:


Remember personal branding isn’t just about a design that reflects your identity — it's an attitude. It’s an identity. It’s your values. It's what you believe in. It's how you act. It's what you wear. It's the language you use. It's the way you write your Insta captions. It's your tone of voice. Like brands have values, you need them too, Honey! So grab your notebook and answer these questions.

  1. What are your values? What do you believe in? What difference do you want to make?
    For example: ‘I believe the fashion industry needs to be more sustainable', 'I want to create textiles but always with the use of new technology','I want to help people with my design','I just want to create cool, colourful stuff — but in my own terms'.

  2. Who are you? Write down a list of words that describe you as a person
    For example; playful, adventurous, brave, daring, classic, avant-garde, outgoing, funny, vibrant, political, intelligent, driven...

  3. Who are you as a creative? Write down a list of words that describe you as a creative? Keep going until you can't think of anymore!
    For example; forward-thinking, experimental, strategic, artistic, modern, eclectic, boho, imaginative, fun, vibrant, bold, unique.

  4. If you were a fashion brand (or any other brand) who would you be?

  5. What are your strengths?

  6. What is your tone of voice? Are you chatty and friendly or poised and polished?
    Your tone of voice (TOV) is not just what you say but how you say it. Your TOV will be across everything you do such as social posts, emails — having a strong, clear and consistent TOV is another USP of your personal brand.

Once you have done the above, theses words and values need to be reflected in your personal brand. I am not staying EVERY single thing, but the answers from the above need to become the essence of your personal brand. Start collating a mood board and each image you save or Pin, think — Does this reflect me? We will be looking at personal branding design next, so make sure you have completed 'Personal Branding Step 1 — Who are YOU?' to really get the best personal brand together.

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