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Posted on Apr 29, 2020


Create a separate Instagram account where you just follow the brands you love and the people that work there - even the interns! Instagram is a prime place where brands will advertise positions, whether that be on the feed or on stories.

The key to applying to roles posted on social is applying ASAP. So having all the brands in one place will really ensure you can keep on top of it and act fast — if anything comes up. 

Another benefit is you will have curated your very own feed of vital industry information from the brands that you love. From what's going on in their world, to new things they are doing - this is all PRIME info for your armoury and will allow you to keep building your knowledge base! It makes applying and talking about that brand so easy. 



  1. Create a new Instagram account.
  2. There are two ways you can do this: you can treat this new Instagram account as your professional one — one where you have your work, your logo, your website in the bio etc. Or you could just have an account that is blank and one which is purely used to keep an eye on brands and not to interact with them. 
  3. Follow the brands that you love and people that work there! Go beyond the follow and don't just follow the brand. Follow the editor, the founder, the CEO, the assistants, the interns. If you have set up this new account to be your professional one — start genuinely interacting with these people. If your account is blank, do not interact.

TOP TIP: Make sure your CV is ready to go, so when that opportunity pops up on your Insta you can go go go go!! If an advert for an internship or job is posted on Instagram and they have a big following, the competition will be high. So getting in there quick will do you BIG favours and make you stand out. 



If you are opting to have a professional Insta, the image below will show you how you can create an industry-attractive bio stating:

  • Where you are studying or have studied and what 
  • Where you have previously interned
  • State that you are "actively seeking"

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